CC30 Conference Camera Product Page

Overview CC30 is the first product of the new conference camera product line. This project is to build a mobile-friendly web page to showcase its features. The goal is to introduce this new product to customers and attract inquiries.

Challenge This is a new product line; therefore, the page design needs to look different, but at the same time maintaining brand consistency with the overall website. On this page, parallax effects and CSS animations were used to highlight product features. One challenge is to ensure the parallax effects/animations look great on desktop, but also correct on mobile devices.

Remaining Sketches Final Design Parallax Examples (scaled)
Liberate your meetings!
Interactive Button
Scenarios Section

We want to describe different usages of this camera, and how we can place it. It is difficult to explain a use scenario in a single image; therefore, I used illustrations to describe the mounting options, and with a real-life photo to complete to story.

Mobile View
Date: 2016
Client: AVer Information Inc
Role: Designer, Developer
Tags: Design, Front end, HTML/CSS, Parallax, Animation, Responsive, Wireframe, Packaging, Photography