Originally from Hong Kong, Sam came to United States in 2002 to further his education and seek better job opportunities. After graduation, Sam worked for a marketing firm in Campbell where he gained valuable experience from working on clients' projects from SMB to Fortune 500 companies, helped customers build their brands and web presence. After spending three years at the agency, Sam landed a new job at a worldwide company and began collaborating with a bigger team. In a corporate setting, Sam learned to work with different departments and the importance of effective communcations. In 2011, the company overcame paradigm shift and had waves of layoffs. After saying goodbye to nearly half of his colleagues, Sam had to work very precisely to ensure productivity and profitability. More than making things pretty, Sam's designs are original, meaningful, and used as strong marketing tools to help selling the products.


During downtimes at office, Sam likes to prank colleagues and
make them scream like a baby.


Sam is adventurous and enjoys traveling with his wife. They enjoy seeing new things and trying different foods. Sam has traveled to Mexico 11 times making his colleagues think that he is a drug mugger. In fact, Sam went for the tacos, lobsters, and friendly amigos.
Sam is also a VW fan and owned a few VWs including a badass Baja Bug for 4 years until it is sold recently.