AVer USA Landing Page

Overview AVer USA main landing page is an on-going project. There has been many versions made because of the ever-changing direction and purpose of the page. The company has three product divisions targeting to different audience, and this page has to channel visitors to the correct division.

Challenge The CEO of the company has high expectations to this page. Oftentimes, he compares ours to Apple's, IBM's, or Samsung's. "Hopefully our new gateway page will be just as good if not better," said CEO. To meet his expectations, I set my standards to the highest level and make refinements to the smallest details.

Old Designs

My old designs from five years ago

New Design Small Banners in Detail Tablet & Mobile Views Navigation System
Date: 2015
Client: AVer Information Inc
Role: Designer, Developer
Tags: Design, Development, Front end, HTML/CSS, Responsive, UI